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Aboriginal Artists



Derek Miller

Guitarist and singer/songwriter Derek Miller is a journeyman musician with eclectic taste and a knack for blues-inflected roots rock. Born on the Six Nations of the Grand River, Mohawk Territory, in Canada in 1974, Miller became interested in music in his early teens, and by the late '90s had not only toured with iconic Canadian vocalist Buffy Sainte-Marie, but had also won a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award. In 2000 he performed on and co-produced Keith Secola & the Wild Band's album Fingermonkey. Then, in 2002 he released his debut album, Music Is the Medicine, for which he garnered a Juno Award.


Digging Roots

After three years of touring in Canada, the US and Europe, Digging Roots decided it was time to get back in the studio and record a select few of the 40 plus songs they had in the store house since their last recording in 2006. So, in spring 2008 they rented a little cabin on the water, gathered their friends and allies and held up a recording studio arranging, recording and putting final touches on the new studio album.


New Country

Crystal Shawanda
My name is Crystal Shawanda,and I’m going to write my own bio,for real this time.If you’ve read about me before,it’s quite possible you know that I am Native American,and that I grew up on a reservation,and you probably got the sense that I was lucky to make it out.You probably didn’t get to hear about how hard it was for me to leave,and how blessed I feel everyday that I grew up on that reservation.You also probably didn’t get the sense that all the bad stuff that I seen growing up,was such a little part of my life there.That I actually grew up in a paradise really,a beautiful Island.A community rich in culture and history,and famous for their perseverance and sense of humour.A hockey town overflowing with a competitive streak and plenty of pride.If it was all bad,than how would I know hope,how would I know to dream.