What is "Learn Ojibwe Online"

This is an Online Ojibwe classroom where students, children, youth, parents and grandparents can login from the privacy of your home/work/classroom computer to participate in our live Online Ojibwe lessons for FREE!!!!

Just click the first link above on the top left of the screen "ENTER VIRTUAL OJIBWE CLASSROOM" every Wednesday at 7pm EST

If your having Trouble Signing Up? IMMEDIATELY SEND AN EMAIL TO

Brief Introduction

Anishinaabemowin language programs have popped out of the woodwork in recent times. Many people have taken the initiative to bring back the language into their communities.

We all have worked tirelessly to bring Anishinaabemowin back into our communities. It has become very evident that our Elders are the keepers of the language, but without them who do we have to continue their legacy.

Our Elders continue to pass on to the Spirit world. With their journey they take the language with them, so now is the time to make that commitment to learn this very reality of it’s almost depletion.


  1. HI not sure where to sign up do i have to reg. I already paid my membership last week. I hit the follow button is that how to sign up for class 3? thxs

  2. Hi Izzy! Aaniin! I was one of the attendees of your online class last week! I found the conversation between you and your family members particularly interesting! I have ordered your book and intend to look at it along with other materials I have been using. ie, podcast lessons from www.podomatic.com/ Waaswaagoning Ojibwemowin. Truly an interesting and challenging endeavour. I aspire to being a regular poster someday. Chi Miigwech for your work!